ARB Supply Solutions was born out of the need to set up a’ got hub’ to meet the ever-increasing and demanding market needs.

Our main objective is to deliver optimum high levels of service to our customers and partners while still providing customized solutions with a personal touch, and to encompass all the technological advantages that modern business has to offer.

We provide our customers with a comprehensive business solution, meaning you only have to deal with one company for all of your packaging needs and requirements.

ARB Supply Solutions is a family-owned enterprise seeking balanced mutual profitable and sustainable growth and a strengthened national footprint and presence. We are evolving into the preferred supplier through the establishment and expansion of strategic partnerships.

Together with our internal team and our customers and partners are offered peace of mind.

Our experience and knowledge will ensure you get the best advice you could get. Well thought out strategies will save money and boost the bottom line.

Our combined experience and knowledge will ensure that your organisation get the necessary optimal advice and guidance you could get. Well thought out strategies will save money and boost the bottom line.

As a South African emerging contributor to the global market in the supply chain channels , we consult, advise and expedite  all key operable aspects of the Chain with a specialized focus on : Packaging Solutions and Supplies, Warehouse Storage and Distribution.

The company is positioned to handle a diverse array of warehousing and distribution that is operated by staff with several years of global logistics experience.

Service Excellence is a core element of the market strategy of ARB Supply Solutions SA and is well supported by our team of highly skilled and experienced individuals in global logistics.

A significant portion of our turnover is geared towards training and staff development. Being a 100% owned, female steered, South African business, we strictly comply with the Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment Act, and we currently have a Level 1 BBBEE rating. ARB Supply Solutions remains committed to building collaborative partnerships with various stakeholders, clients, suppliers and state-owned businesses, as well as with the communities we work within.

Innovating, designing, implementing and managing….

Our Mission

Innovating, designing, implementing and managing packaging, logistics, transportation, warehousing and distribution solutions by learning and understanding our customers business requirements and aspirations.

To achieve this, our goal is to strive with all of our business partners, customers and suppliers to be ever more innovative, agile , reliable and transparent.

Our Goals

Our key strategic focus is to expand our African business and align our portfolio internationally to place the company as the “Go to Partner” in the industry . An integrated solution-focused logistics and market access platform leverages our powerful competitive advantages and strengths, which will focus mainly on selective business sectors. The focus will expand from this focal point to other developing and selected developed markets, based on the importance of the skills, scale benefits and customer relations.

Our Team

Our Team